Monday, February 22, 2010

more from the petite ballerinas

Because I don't want to forget their sweetness and their hilarious craziness:
GS: Your sister plays the viola?
IT: Yes, and I really want to play too, but I can't because I wasn't alive last week.
AE: (after not being able to do a little stretch that the others girls had accomplished) I am just SO upset (cue the tears).
Me: (taking her aside) What are you feeling, dear?
AE: (with tears and heavy breaths) I am just, um, so upset because the clock on the wall there doesn't say the right time!
Me: Dear, the clock does say the right time. Now can you tell me what you're feeling?
AE: (again, with tears) I am just so upset because this carpet doesn't have any black squares in it!
Me: (huh?) But it has lots of other colorful squares! Now really, what are you feeling?
AE: (with more tears) I am just so upset because of that clock!
Me: (realizing that we aren't getting to the point here...) Darling, are you upset because you couldn't do the stretch?
AE: (with a huge burst of tears and a big wail) Yeessss! I won't EVER be able to do it and I don't ever want to dance again!
After more tears, a few hugs, and a little talk, she decided she still wanted to dance; but really, where did the black carpet squares and the clock not working come from? And just how were you at dance last week, IT, if you weren't alive? And how in the world does that relate to your sister playing the viola? Oh, those funny little minds.

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  1. I loved, loved, loved what AE said. How hilarious! I remember saying things like that when I was a "petite ballerina", too.