Monday, April 19, 2010

multitude monday



Continuing my list of one thousand gifts . . .

0021. finishing reading my 1090 page art history text book today

0022. my pile of books, journals, prayer books, and planners

0023. the memories made from a bee that kept my sister and I up until 4am last Thursday night as we attempted to kill it

0024. having the opportunity to talk to the director of photography from International Justice Mission

0025. bright blue summer-like skies

0026. the older and slight Chinese man that takes walks in our neighborhood everyday

0027. a homemade banana-blueberry-strawberry smoothie

0028. labor that is not in vain

0029. extra time with my sister this weekend

0030. knowing that there will be strength for these next few weeks, even if it is difficult to see

0031. learning about the injustices around the world, but also of the work that is being done and the lives that are being rescued

0032. coming home again

0033. the wide-open, grace-filled arms of God

0034. late night conversations

0035. answered prayer

0036. and unanswered prayer

0037. the voices of the petite ballerinas

0038. verses on my chalkboard to refocus my mind, my heart

0039. abstract expressionist postage stamps

0040. the ladies (and the one little guy) with whom I spent the weekend and the opportunity to get to know them better

all's grace,

1 comment:

  1. I think you should add "receiving an artsy postcard from your sister!" It is in your photo, after all. :)

    Also, seeing the Asian man on his walks has made me smile many a day. It'd be fun to actually meet him some time...

    And yay for finishing your art textbook! Way to go. :)