Sunday, August 8, 2010

multitude monday

continuing my list of one thousand gifts . . . I'm one-tenth of the way there now . . .

0081. eighteen years of life

0082. richard foster's books

0083. the kindness of a lady who graciously gave me (an almost total stranger) a beautiful old film camera

0084. peach-picking and picnics

0085. achingly hot summer days, when the sun feels very close

0086. a brother who surprised me and came home from his summer away just to celebrate my birthday

0087. this constant and eternal hope

0088. childhood novels

0089. divine rest . . . come all who are weary . . .

0090. visits from old friends

0091. anticipation

0092. sunflowers and farmers markets

0093. the giggles and shouts and sheer noise of a classroom full of five and six year olds with boats sinking into the seas and porcupines crawling about

0094. having amy home again

0095. letters in the mailbox from faraway friends

0096. peach custard pie

0097. my new-found love of cantaloupe

0098. the complete silence of the house while reading in bed each night before turning the lights out

0099. how very green the world is, particularly this time of year

0100. this last week when I can still imagine what college will be like, without yet experiencing it, knowing how naive I am, and how much I will most likely grow and change this next year . . .
all's grace,

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