Monday, May 17, 2010

multitude monday

continuing my list of one thousand gifts . . .

0041. being completely done AP tests

0042. simple things made divine

0043. the guy at the AP gridding session at my public high school who noticed my (rather obvious) bright yellow visitor name tag and left his friends to talk to me amidst the swarm of nameless highschoolers

0044. a brand new set of my favorite pens

0045. a phone message from a sweet little girl

0046. anticipation for joining the crew team at college

0047. a clean room (that, uh, hadn't been vacuumed since christmas break)

0048. free time to do the stuff that I've been wanting to do since last august

0049. reading in bed for an hour after I woke up

0050. being fully known

0051. frozen plain yogurt from trader joe's

0052. my mother's unchanging love

0053. watching the sunrise from the window in my morning room

0054. brother coming home this week

0055. the words in luke 18 . . . "they ought always to pray and not lose heart . . . "

0056. the gathered courage and grace to be baptized this week (though honestly, I'm not looking forward to having water thrown in my face in front of an entire congregation)

0057. all the little things, all the moment-by-moment graces

0058. strawberries and the first peaches of the season

0059. breathing the fresh air at the lake near our house over the weekend

0060. imperfections and the truth that each day is another blank slate with new mercies

all's grace,

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  1. Thanks for doing the Multitude Mondays - as you can see, I've taken it up as well, I loved the idea so much. :)