Thursday, July 8, 2010

birdies or patchwork

So, another college decision. Which bedspread?

Option Number One: Birdie Stamp Duvet

Option Number Two: Iris Quilt

Comments, suggestions, advice? Option number one is a bit more practical because it is machine washable. It is also green, which I like very much. Option number two is a bit more unique, and also a lot softer. Help?


  1. I LOVE the Iris one... but the first one had my heart too.. haha hard decision!! Good luck!

  2. Both are splendid, Jessina! I might go with the first one - it's machine washable (a huge plus in college) and comes in the extra-long twin size. Plus, it will probably be warmer :) But, whatever you choose will be lovely!


  3. oh dear. what a dilemma. both are simply darling.

    I guess two things to consider are - for the first one, you'd probably have to buy a down comforter, no? So that would add a little expense. Though I don't know how much, and down comforters are very comfy :) Also, your bed will be the obvious focal point/splash of color in your room...but I think college is the only time in your life when you can get away with mixing and matching whatever you want and it will always go together :) especially with your taste.

    and this was very unhelpful. but I love them both...

  4. Hmm, I looked at both and they're both so pretty, Jessina! I think I like the iris one a bit better, but then again, the birdies is machine washable...

    Have fun deciding! ; D