Monday, July 5, 2010

multitude monday

continuing my list of one thousand gifts . . .

0061. the summertime sun

0062. peace & safety after the car accident

0063. madeline l'engle and all of her writing

0064. little friends decked out for the fourth of july with red, white, and blue ribbons on their pigtails

0065. these words: ". . . do not forget to show hospitality to strangers, for thereby some have entertained angels unawares . . . "

0066. the strength to jog up long hills at noon in the middle of july

0067. being inspired by the selflessness & love of an old friend

0068. time to be creative, cook, and just sit down and read for an hour

0069. laughter in the back seat of the car with Brother

0070. a very good sermon

0071. the stressful fun I had scheduling classes and the anticipation for it all to begin come august

0072. the way the sunshine always settles in my room every afternoon and leaves geometric patterns all over the floor

0073. the truly overwhelming kindness of others

0074. my stack of art postcards that I bought in europe (oh, how I like them)

0075. megan's eyes (because I was admiring how pretty they were the other day)

0076. a kind nurse who attempted to distract me while she poked around to find my blood vessel (unfortunately, it didn't work . . . I still fainted)

0077. our travels to europe . . . so grateful for the opportunity to go and the many memories made

0078. the beautiful smile and kindness of an older lady at church who always stops to talk to me

0079. meeting danielle at the gryphon and catching up

0080. icy summer drinks, fruity smoothies, and frozen yogurt

all is truly grace,

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  1. Hi dear!

    I love your logo, by the way!

    Thanks for posting this - it's so inspiring and makes me happy.

    P.S. Yes, Megan sure does have beautiful eyes.