Monday, September 27, 2010

multitude monday

continuing my list of one thousand gifts . . . (and I really did write this on monday - just didn't get around to actually posting it until now) . . .
101. a long walk and good conversation in a sunshine-scattered field with the beautiful sarah

102. the kindness of a sophomore who drove me to whole foods - so glad to have yogurt and strawberries and granola again . . . little things that I miss from home

103. the smoky scent of autumn wafting through the air

104. the thought of apple-picking this saturday

105. a merciful professor who gave our entire class an extension on a paper

106. how all the girls on my floor pop out of their rooms whenever I get home from a regatta and give me a grand welcome back and cover my door with welcome home signs

107. the old oak trees that line the path that I walk several times a day

108. the unexpectedly large and blue mid-western sky

109. yoga class tonight with kaitlyn

110. grades that turned out much better than I had anticipated

111. the complete silence of the chapel (silence is something quite rare here)

112. talking about international justice mission with elise around the bonfire sunday evening

113. package slips in my little post box . . .

114. . . . and homemade apple bread from my wonderful mother

115. church-sponsored art exhibits

116. good health and no colds (yet)

117. the night tara and I spent reading our favorite poems together

118. quiet tears that always birth new hope

119. lunch with the lovely jessica every monday, wednesday, and friday

120. returning to an anglican church this week after several weeks elsewhere - and speaking all those wonderfully familiar prayers again - it felt like going home

. . . grant us strength and courage to love and
serve you with gladness and singleness of heart.

All is grace.


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  1. This is so beautiful. It made me smile. It also felt very calming, too. Which sounds weird, but just all the happy thoughts you wrote about are relaxing in a way. So happy it is going well for you!