Friday, August 21, 2009

summer reading

This afternoon was a perfectly rainy, summer day for reading. There was thunder in the distance and the pitter-patter of rain against my window. The clouds were heavy and dark and my room was silent and dim with a candle lit on top of my bookshelf. I dragged my cream wing chair to face the window and snuggled down for one of my favorite summer pasttimes. So lovely.



At the beginning of summer, I made myself a rather daunting book list. 30 books. The summer's end is nearing and I am still quite far from finishing all 30, but I plan to continue on with these books until I do finish them...hopefully sometime in September or October.

"There is no Frigate like a book,
To take me lands away..."
(Emily Dickinson)
oh, the joy of a good book, a quiet room, and a rainy day!
grace & peace,


  1. I LOVE Till We Have Faces.
    and so does Livi.
    We're going to have to have an AP girl Till We Have Faces party.

  2. Pictures, missy? And news about what's going on in your life?

    If i can post, you can ;)

    love ya!